Les Frères Limonade S01#12 | SEPTEMBRE 2022

16 août 2022


Playlist 12 saison 01

1-Teen Idles – I Drink Milk
2-JFA – Cokes and Snickers
3-Último Resorte – Violencia
4-Giorgio Murderer – Primitive World
5-Government Issue – Asshole
6-The Spits – Rip up the Streets
7-Government Issue – Anarchy Is Dead
8-Final Solutions – I’m a Lightning Bug
9-Agression – Ripped Off (Remastered)
10-The Despondents – Stoned
11-Zero Boys – Amphetamine Addiction
12-The Spits – Die Die Die
13-Sick Thoughts – Beat on Beat
14-Scream – Violent Youth
15-JFA – You Can’t Surf
16-Negative FX – Negative FX
17-The Weirdos – Why Do You Exist
18-Artificial Peace – Artificial Peace
19-Wasted Youth – Fuck Authority
20-Research Reactor Corp. – Shock Treatment
22-Cosmic Psychos – Decadence
23-Buck Biloxi and The Fucks – Streets of Rage
24-Adolescents – I Hate Children
25-Discipulos De Dionisos – Coca Ardiendo
26-Los Basura – Ricarditx
27-Chaos UK – Urban Guerilla
28-The Faction – Skate & Destroy
29-The Courettes – Boom! Dynamite!
30-Leather Uppers – Sugar Sandwich
31-Jerry’s Kids – I Don’t Belong
33-M.D.C. – Dead Cops _ America’s So Straight
34-The Bomboras – Return Of The Death Ray
35-Satan’s Rats – You Make Me Sick
36-Gang Green – Alcohol
37-S.O.A. – Stepping Stone Party (Version)

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