Les Frères Limonade S02#14 | OCTOBRE 2022

11 octobre 2022


Playlist 14 saison 02

1-Ben Harper – Ground On Down
2-Agression – Foxy Lady (Remastered)
3-R.L. Burnside – Let My Baby Ride
4-Los Gatos Locos – Cut You Into Pieces
5-Alcosynthic – Gendarmerie
6-Dead Kennedys – Viva Las Vegas
7-Rita Baston – We Hate You Please Die
8-Randoms – Let’s Get Rid of NY
9-The Experimental Tropic Blues Band – Vodoo Rise
10-Left Lane Cruiser – Lost My Mind
11-Count Five – Out In The Street
12-Flamin’ Groovies – Doctor Boogie
13-Circle Jerks – Wild in the Streets
14-The Candy Snatchers – Why I Drink
15-Ditz – Total 90
16-The Bridge City Sinners – Stray Cat Strut
17-The Guess Who – Black Bird
18-The Meatmen – Morrisey Must Die
19-The Velvet Underground – Rock & Roll (Full Length Version; 2015 Remaster)
20-The Quarry Men – In Spite Of All The Danger (Anthology 1 Version)

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