Les Frères Limonade S02#21 | MAI 2023

25 avril 2023


Playlist 21 saison 02

1-Saez – Manu dans l’cul
2-Wimple Winch – Atmospheres
3-Roger Bunn – Road to the Sun
4-Paul Brett Sage – The Sun Died
5-Fleetwood Mac – Rattlesnake Shake (2018 Remaster)
6-Ten Years After – Speed Kills
7-Allen Pound´s Get Rich – Searchin’ in the Wilderness
8-Billy Nicholls – Girl from New York
9-Amazing Friendly Apple – Magician
10-The Flaming Sideburns – Street Survivor
11-John Lee Hooker – I Got My Eyes on You
12-The Smoke – My Friend Jack
13-The Orange Machine – Dr. Crippen’s Waiting Room
14-Cyan – Under One Flag
15-The 101ers – Motor Boys Motor (2005 Remaster)
16-The Chop Tops – Sun Down

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