Les Frères Limonade S03#32 | MARS 2024

28 février 2024


Playlist 32 saison 03

01-Dogfeet – Mr Sunshine
02-Brownsville Station – Combination Boogie
03-Os Catalepticos – One More Tattoo
04-Clear Light – Mr. Blue
05-Foghat – Wild Cherry
06-Magic Mixture – When I Was Young
07-Dear Mr Time – Your Country Needs You
08-Rupert’s People – Dream In My Mind
09-The Cynics – Blue Train Station
10-The Craig – I Must Be Mad
11-The Chats – Heatstroke
12-The Poets – Baby Don’t You Do It
13-The Wimple Winch – Things Will Never Be The Same
14-Timebox – Barnabus Swain
15-The Dandy Warhols – Shakin’

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